Maison N°31, Rue Taison

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House n°31
At number 31, on August 20th 1818, was born Mr Charles Cailly. His father, Frédéric Cailly, was then a captain of artillery; he became the headmaster of the “Ecole de pyrotechnie de Metz” (School of pyrotechnic of Metz),

a member of the Town Council, and died as a retired colonel, on September 19th 1852, at number 9 Place Sainte-Croix, where he had been living since 1828.
Mr Charles Cailly went to the high-school of Metz, and then followed law studies in Paris, where he was received as a doctor in 1844. Entered on the roll of the order of lawyers in Metz, on November 4th, the same year, he was appointed deputy judge of the tribunal of Thionville, in 1847.
Obliged to tender his resignation on account of health issues in 1857, he was admitted to the Bar of lawyers of Metz, which he was

then elected President of in November 1858. Mr Cailly dedicated himself much to the history of Metz area; he took part to “L’Austrasie” (Austrasia), to the memoirs of the Academy of Metz, which he was a titular member of, and to the publications of the “Société d'archéologie et d'histoire de la Moselle” (Society of archaeology and history of the Moselle).
After the annexation, he settled down in Nancy, but kept coming back each year, to spend a few months in his property of Rozérieulles, where he died on June 4th 1882.

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