Maison N°5, Rue Taison

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to go out, in order to meet her parents, attend a wedding ceremony or take part to a patron saint party, she puts on a merino or wool muslin dress, an expensive hat, straw-yellow gloves, a watch with a golden chain, a bracelet and a long cashmere-style shawl.”
The “petites précieuses” (little female companions) used to

hurry, on Sunday mornings, to go to the wash-house to wash the linen of the poor people who could not afford spare clothes, and waited in their bed the return of their clothes.
A tarnished reputation…
The laundresses are known for their uncouthness and their

immorality. In the workshops, where the heat is stifling, hundreds of women spend the day wearing a simple half-slip and a camisole, or oftener a towel tied under their arms. The apprentices work on Sundays, right from five o’clock in the morning, to deliver the bachelors’ linen, which was not harmless for the young girls’ virtue...

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